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Recognizing common kosher symbols.

  • If a D or the word Dairy follows them, the product has dairy or dairy by-products in it. 
  • If they are followed by D.E. they were manufactured on dairy equipment.  They may not be served with meat, but may be eaten immediately afterwards.
  • If an M or the word Meat follows them, the product has meat or meat by-products in it.
  •  If the word Pareve follows them or nothing follows them, they have no meat and no dairy or by-products, unless they are something obvious such as milk.
  • If they have P they are Kosher for Passover and can be used year round
  • For an entire list of Kosher Symbols see Kashrus Magazine - click on "Kosher Supervision Guide" (remember to ask anyone that you are serving food to what symbols they accept or do not accept)

Below are a few the most common kosher symbols. 




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